Frequently Asked Questions

What is the commission?

The Wedding Celebrancy Commission is a group made of representatives from established training and membership organisations plus an independent celebrant.

Why was it set up?

The Commission came into being following a discussion between training providers and celebrant associations indicating that an umbrella organisation was needed to provide one voice for the sector and represent the interests of the Celebrant profession as a whole.

When was the commission set up?

In October 2018, as part of the 2018 Budget statement, the Government announced a review into current marriage laws to examine where and when marriages can take place and how to meet the growing demand for legally-binding outdoor weddings.

Key training providers and associations representing celebrants recognised that an umbrella organisation representing the interests of wedding celebrants needed a voice regarding any government proposals, and especially in connection with the future of celebrant-led ceremonies, and so got together informally to see what they could do on behalf of celebrants.

What about those who don’t have links with any organisations or associations?

An independent celebrant sits on the Commission to represent those views.

Do I have to sign up to join the Commission?

No, it isn’t a membership association. You will still be part of your own organisations.
The Commission is a collaborative endeavour.

What will the Commission be doing?

The Commission will be monitoring any developments in the proposed review into marriage law, ensuring that the celebrant role is properly heard and represented.

How can I find out more?

Go to -

It’s early days, but more information will be added as things evolve. Your own organisations will let you know when there is new information.

Who can I talk to about any views, concerns or questions?

Speak to your own organisation if they are listed as members on the website.

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